What kind of camera do you use?
I use 3 cameras. For main photos, I use NikonD750 and NikonD810. For Videos, I use Nikon D7100, which was my first camera, when I started to take photos.

What kind of lenses do you use?
Lenses, I use, Nikon NIKKOR 1.4  24mm, Nikon NIKKOR 1.2  24-70mm, Nikon NIKKOR MICRO 85mm & Nikon NIKKOR 1.4 50mm.
(Wow… that’s too many, I know, but I do use them!!)

Do you teach food photography or styling courses?
Not yet, but I am planning to do so. When? Not sure yet!

How did you learn photography & food styling?
I am a self-taught photographer & food stylist, but I am a naturally born artist.
I have study interior design at the American College in London (now is part of the Richmond College in London) and I paint contemporary art in acrylic & oil in huge canvases.
Still, I have taken a few on-line courses of food styling and photography and I read a lot through the internet and watched many YouTube short videos by my favorite food photographers around the world.

Where do you get your backdrops & props?
I order props and ceramic from all over the world. America, Canada, Australia & England are my main sources.
I collect my backdrops from ancient doors from villages around Cyprus and I recreate them on my own in the colours & styles I want.

How about the food? Do you eat it afterwards?
Some food I eat, most food my family eats… and then we help poor people in the community.

Where do you take your pictures?
My ‘studio’ is settled in my dining room, in front of a huge, West facing window.
I always shoot in natural light & I always choose the time I shoot, in order to be able to control the light according to my needs.