Grilled garlic salmon with chives & brown rice | Super food healthy

As a foodie I love salmon in every form but especially I love grilled salmon with herbs. I also love super healthy food and brown rice is one of them. Salmon is a heavy flavored fish and this is the reason that I avoid herbs, spices and sauces or creamy side dishes. When I cook salmon I love to grill it or steam it and I like to have mild side dishes like healthy brown rice, white rice or boiled new potatoes with home-made pesto sauce and plenty of steamed greens or salads with white vinegar.

In this post I have grilled the salmon in my oven’s grill & fan function with crushed garlic – fresh or dry – and chunky Himalayan salt for that extra feeling in the taste. I have spread finely chopped and whole chives all over it and with these simple steps I got an amazingly tasty dish.


When it comes to cook salmon is very important to start from scratch and starting from scratch means that you need to purchase a piece that is fresh. Many people and restaurants cook frozen salmon but believe me the taste of the salmon is completely twisted that is why daily pick is the right pick. Another trick is that salmon should not be overcooked but cooked exactly in the right time so the juices of the fish do not dry  keeps it moist and tender. Personally I over cook salmon – I actualy over cook everything since I have issues with medium cooked food – and that makes my salmon a bit stiff and dry but still is an amazing dish to have.



Serves: 2

Estimated time in the kitchen: 45 minutes

Calories: per portion: 680Cal – salmon only –

Cost: €50.00

** please note costs apply only for Cyprus

250g of fresh salmon
A generous pinch of garlic salt or
3 cloves of mushed garlic to rub the salmon
A generous pinch of Himalayan salt
A small bunch of chives finely chopped & a few chives, whole 

Pre-heat oven at 220°
Wash salmon well with cold water and lemon and cut into three even pieces.
Dry the salmon with kitchen paper and place it in a baking tray
Sprinkle with plenty of garlic salt (minced dry garlic served in mill bottles) or rub with the fresh mashed garlic and and the salt.
Turn the oven at hot air & top grill function at 220c and place the salmon in for 25 minutes.
Prepare some brown rice of your choice.
5-6 minute before the salmon is cooked place the chives in the baking rack to be cooked along.
Serve with salad of your choice.