The Easter Posts 

Want to know what Cyprus Easter Flaounas are? How to dye your Easter eggs with natural ingredients? Or, what is the Greek’s favourite food, the first hour they break their fastening? If you do, then visit my favourite posts for the Greek Orthodox Easter, below.

Hello and welcome to my site. If you read this right now, it means that you have scrolled down all the way, because you liked what you saw. I am Athena and I am the creator of cinnamonspiceblog. I am a passionate food photographer & food stylist and I love creativity in every form. For me, cooking is an expression of love, styling is part of who I am and photography is my endless passion and drive for life. Photography is my alarm clock every morning and although I am a self-taught photographer, I have managed, last year, to be among the top 5 photographers, from around the world, who managed to be finalists at the Pink Lady Food Photography Competition 2017 for their enormous and unique category of BBC FRESH TALENT AWARDS for the BBC GOOD FOOD. Although it reflects on me as the biggest achievement of my career so far, I have never considered it as a reward for what I have accomplished so far, but instead, as a motive to be more persistent and determined than ever to accomplish and learn even more. I would love to offer so much more through my blog, meet new people, create more content, photograph amazing stories, learn to cook better, photograph even more professional, discover new cultures and people and share the stories you have to “say… and if you think you can inspire me on doing so, I would be more than pleased to contact me and I will be next to you in every step you want to take.