The Perfect Poached Eggs | An all time Favourite |

“Perfect poached eggs are one of life’s simple pleasures and easier than you think to get them right.” Jamie Oliver

All my life I have adored eggs in every form but only “recently” I have discovered poached eggs, since I had to spend a lot of time living in a hotel. Having to wake up every morning in London and having to daily face the lovely English weather without any sun, resulting to lack of Vitamin D, while breakfast was the only meal of the day I would have properly, eggs were on my daily breakfast routine. That is why I needed a very tasty and healthy type of egg that cooking would not include frying, oil, or full fat butter. So boiled or poached eggs seemed like the ideal solution. The way I wanted my poached eggs was hard white with a soft yolk  and with a little research I discovered that these were the so called “perfect poached eggs” something that was impossible to be achieved in one of the most luxurious hotels of Mayfair (!!!)

Having to face this problem daily, the first thing I did once I moved to my apartment was to learn the art of “THE PERFECT” poached eggs and unsurprisingly, it did not take me long to perfect!! All you need for the successful implementation of the perfect poached eggs is the freshest free-range eggs available. Since we all buy from major supermarkets put your hands on the last row of the pile and choose your box, since they actually “hide” the freshest eggs at the back. Poaching is not boiled, poaching is the procedure used to make the egg, once the water is really boiled.





Level of difficulty: 2/5

Serves: 2

Calories: 290 c per egg

Protein: 6,85 g

Fat: 11,20 g


  • 4 free range fresh eggs
  • a bunch of fresh asparagus
  • 4 mini rolls
  • 50 g of very thin sliced of cured ham


Wash, cut and boil your asparagus.

Fill ¾ of a casserole with water and bring to boil.

Boil well and remove from fire.

Live it to stand for a few seconds, while you break each egg separately in a small bowl.

Open the casserole and by using a wooden spoon stir well and then pour in your egg one by one.

Leave your eggs in the water to poach for at least 4-5 minutes or until the white is strong.

Remove them and place them on kitchen paper to absorb the excess water and carefully dry them a bit on top so as not to break them.

Serve your poached eggs on small buttered bread rolls that you have put the sliced ham.

Put salt and black pepper.