Renowed Prawn Cocktail with Chicory salad

I remember meeting with chicory some 20 years ago when my father used to eat them at the Four Season’s, “Amaranto” restaurant at Park Lane. It was then, a simple salad, with some weird leafs spread in a huge plate with a creamy vinaigrette sauce but when I tried it I found the leafs nothing but bitter..!!!

So, when I saw them, the chicory that is, the other day in the food market, along those memories came the inspiration for using them under a delicious prawn cocktail sauce. And so I did.



Prawn cocktail is a classic dish, but finding a twist was not that hard since is always incredibly delicious and a decorative plate on it’s own. As I always say in my blog, using always the freshest of fish and meat it’s what makes a difference in the taste, and this plate makes no exception. Fresh prawns, mayonnaise and ketchup with some weird leafs will give you an excellent outcome for this classic dishes.



Another thing I would like to add is that prawn cocktail is consider a first plate in many restaurants or formal dishes but if you are cooking this at home, by adding more quantity of everything but mainly prawns will make it a fulfilling and tasty salad for summer days.


Level of difficulty: 1/5

Serves: 1

Estimated time in the kitchen: 25 minutes

Calories: per portion: 120calories – including sauce

Cost: €30

**cost apply only for Cyprus

6 fresh medium – large size prawns

½ glass of mayonnaise

½ cup of ketchup

2 soupspoons of brandy

1 cup of white wine

6 bay leafs

1 chicory


Baby basil leafs

Beetroot baby leafs

In a medium pan bring water to the boil. Add the wine and bay leafs. When it’s well boiled add your clean and washed prawns, and leave them to cook for 10 minutes.

Remove from pot and dry them with kitchen paper and place them in the fridge.

In a plastic small bowl add your ketchup, mayonnaise and brandy and whisk until you have a pinkish creamy sauce.

In a big plate place 6-8 leafs of chicory.

Pour the sauce and then place the prawns on top.

Using kitchen’s scissor cut and sprinkle the chive.

Using your hand sprinkle on top the baby basil and beet root leafs.


Escort this dish with a really cold chardonnay or fruity white wine.