Roast Bavarian Duck with Black Garlic, Blood Oranges & Red Wine Sauce

Duck, is one of my favourite foods, and food loved by many around the world. That is why there are many types of ducks, especially in Europe, France, England, Germany and so on and according to the area you are buying the duck, you get also lots of variety in looks and taste, Duck meat is considered to be white meat, although it has a darker colour and is rich in protein, iron and fats. In this post we are cooking a beautiful Bavarian fresh Duck, which is more white in colour than the French Ducks, due to less fat stock. The most famous ducks around the world are the Peking duck and Mallard duck but in Bavaria we also produce a lot of ducks in many sizes, while we get the chance to have some really fatty ducks from France. My beautiful duck here was bought by one of the most prestigious delicatessenhaus in Munich, Dallmayr DellicatessenHaus


The duck (weights about 2kg)
6 white garlic gloves
a bunch of thyme 
a bunch of rosemary
250g butter
1 small glass of red wine 
1 small glass of olive oil 
the juice of a fresh lemon 
black pepper ( optional ) 
2 blood oranges or simple oranges
2 black garlic (whole) for that extra taste 



Nutritional facts per Per 100g:
Calories: 337c | Total Fat: 28g | Cholesterol: 84mg | Iron:15%

  1. Wash and pat dry the duck with kitchen paper
  2. Pre-heat oven at 190c
  3. Place the duck in a clean surface and using a sharp knife, cut the skin little bit above each leg, on the top side of the duck.
  4. Put your washed and clean hand under the skin and push the skin softly to detached from the flesh. Do this action on both sides of the duck.
  5. Once, the skin is separated from flesh (as much as possible) go back to the beginning of the tear skin and squeeze in, a generous amount of butter ( about the size of a teaspoon) and start pushing all the way up, almost to reach the neck area)
  6. Repeat the procedure with a garlic glove.
  7. Then repeat again with butter.
  8. The aim here is to fill the top side of the duck with butter, under the skin.
  9. Make sure you have used the whole butter on both sides and about six gloves of garlic.
  10. When you finish, salt and pepper the duck, and use the herb bunch, thyme and rosemary and extra 3-4 pieces of gloves, to be put inside the duck ( at the open area underneath the tummy of the duck)
  11. Place the duck in an oven pan ( I prefer iron cast or bronze)
    In a big glass, pure the olive oil, the red wine and 1/2 the lemon juice.
  12. Use the rest of the 1/2 lemon to rub the duck (for an extra crust) on the skin when is done.
  13. Cut the oranges into 6-8 slices and place them in the pan.
  14. Take a big glass or a a glass jar and pour in the wine, olive oil and lemon juice and stir well.
  15. Place the duck in the oven pan, on top of the oranges and pour the olive-wine-lemon juice combo all over the duck, place the black garlic in too and place the oven tray in the oven.
  16. When we cook big birds like ducks, goose and turkeys we usually give a generous 1hour+ for each kg.
  17. So cook for the first hour at 195c and keep an eye on the duck.
  18. When the top is golden crisp on top, remove and cover with foil.
  19. Place back in the oven and cook further at 180c for about an hour – 1,5.
  20. Serve with Arabian Rice (see recipe on blog) or Au-gratin Potatoes (see recipe on blog) and green salad (see recipe on blog)



Ingredients Notes:

The ingredients for the roast duck are simple, and although it may vary according to the type of cooking, in this recipe we use the basic from the French Cuisine.

Main ingredients are:
fresh herbs like thyme & rosemary,
sea salt,
garlic or black garlic,
oranges or blood oranges,
a 3 ingredient combo for the sauce, red wine – olive oil – fresh lemon squeezed – 

Assembly Notes:

To put together the duck before you put it in the oven you have to make a kind of skilled assembly of ingredients.
Start by cutting the edges of the duck’s skin next to each leg and move forward to the leg to separate it from the flesh.
The reason for this is to squeeze in 4-6 whole gloves of white garlic and all butter, all the way up. Since is not an easy procedure, you have to put an emphasis on pushing the butter up, with out breaking the skin.
This is the trickiest part of preparing the duck and once is done, you simply add salt, squeeze more garlic and the fresh herbs in the duck and pour the wine sauce on top.