Spinach ricotta linguine & Fresh cream | Pasta week

I guess someone doesn’t need much to get inspired for a new recipe development, a new painting or a new photograph. Perhaps a picture, a color, a smell might be enough to intrigue the imagination and get going for new experiments. And experiences. And in the case of this post this is what happened a few days ago, while I was scrolling down my instagram news feed and my eyes caught an amazing pasta photo, either at “life and thyme” or at “food52”. From that day on and although I was incredible busy with the redesign of my blog, in my mind I knew that the next thing to follow was the pasta week. 8 days of pasta!!!

I could have easily included the fettuccine recipe in those 8 recipes, but one can never have enough pasta. Pasta as such, is very easy to make with some flour, water and an egg and I will try to include some fresh ones on this pasta week, but in case I will not, is because my schedule went mad this last few weeks due to the online store I am preparing and I am so looking forward on sharing it with you.

 When I composed this recipe I started with the usual basic, olive oil and of course a generous measure of garlic, mashed in the pan and cooked for a few seconds before anything. Then it was the spinach and chives – which I kept uncooked this time – the ricotta and that indispensable timeless Parmesan grated cheese. The spinach was originally steamed and well-drained before I tossed it into the pan with the olive oil and the sautéed mashed garlic and was kind of fried for a few minutes well stirred and mingled with the garlic. It absorbed nearly all the olive oil and then I have transferred the already al dente linguine in the pan with them and blended them into a beautiful maze of colors and smells. I then flipped them over into a huge pasta bowl and only by the way I looked at them I got inspired to throw on top huge flakes – or stripes if you prefer – of Parmesan cheese.





Level of difficulty: 2/5

Serves: 2

Estimated time in the kitchen: 25 minutes

Calories: 280c per portion

Cost: €12.00

**Please note that cost applies for Cyprus only.

1 box of fettuccine pasta

1 chicken stock

1 vegetable stock

1,5 Litre of drinkingwater

500g of baby spinach leafs, washed & dried

1 packet of linguine pasta

4 garlic cloves

30ml Pure olive oil 

250g Ricotta cheese

Plenty of grated Parmesan

Steam the spinach leafs. If you don’t use a steamer, make sure you drain them very well when its done.

Bring the water to the boil, when boiled add the stocks, stir well and  add the linguine. Cook them al dente. ( about 10 minutes – not overcooked)

In a medium size pan pour the olive oil and add the mashed garlic. Cook for a few seconds but be careful you don’t burn the garlic since the whole recipe will be destroyed.

Add the spinach and stir lightly so as it nearly absorbs the olive oil and garlic.

Transfer the al dente linguine in the pan too and stir so everything ends in a well-blended mess.

Transfer them an a huge pasta bowl and then add the ricotta cheese. Blend them again.

Grate or peel a big amount of huge flakes or stripes of Parmesan cheese on top and serve.


If you mashed garlic (through a garlic masher) you are releasing a great quantity of flavor so if you wish less garlic flavor then simply finely chop it.