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My services include the following:

Sponsored posts

In cinnamonspiceblog I can create a sponsored a blog post for your brand or product with direct placement of the product in the post or direct/indirect mention of your brand including links of your company or links for any of your social media/site

Video Sharing of your product/brand/company on the first page of the blog:

I can share your brand’s/product’s video in the blog at the first page with a link attached to follow you on your Instagram account. Please note there is availability only for one video for limited period of time and for special dates

Advertisement in the first page of the blog:

The blog has only 3 advertisements available in the first page in certain period of time

Food styling & Food photography work

I can produce for your product/brand/company  food styling and/or food photography for any use

Food Product & Editorial Styling:

 For: press/ food editorials & magazines / personal use / Brochures/ menus

I can create food styling & photography for your product to be used for any type of Editorial. This can be done in my studio or in your place. Prices change according to the use

TV Campaigns:

I can produce for you the styling and overall appearance and help in the direction of a TV campaign

Recipe Development

I can work in your premises or my studio to develop together for your cookbook or your company or any other purpose your recipes. This includes; preparation, cooking, food styling & food photography. I can also develop the recipe and give it to you for any other use.

Recipe development/ food Styling & photography for your product or brand

I can produce for you, recipes from my personal collection and hand them over to you with 2 photos that accompany the recipe, to be used in press or your personal use or brochures. If you have a brand name or product I can use it for the recipe development. For cookbooks price is different. Art direction on editorials, layouts, catalogues, magazines, cookbooks, flyers and prints for any given use

Recipe development/Food styling & photography for your cookbook

I can produce for you all the food styling and photography and/or your recipe development for your cookbook. This is done in my studio

SOCIAL MEDIA BRANDING & sponsoring posts & shares

I can share your product/brand or company OR what we have created together in my social Media accounts:

Latest update on followers March 2018

Instagram: 107,000 followers

Twitter: 33,000 followers

Facebook Page: 17,000 likes

Personal Facebook: 2,000 friends

Google+: 500,000 views

LinkedIn: 2,000 connections

Writing / in the press & food magazines

As from October 2017 I am producing editorial, food styling & food photography for ‘Taste Magazine’ in Cyprus
And I would love to produce articles for food editorials/food magazines & the press for any worldwide magazine or food editorial.