Black-eyed beans salad with Couscous & smoke-cured herring| Recipe coming soon at my cookbook

Yeah I know… One more post without a recipe and you have every right to be bit mad about me… But c’mmon guys, the food styling is amazing! And is such a shame not to share it with you. This was a relatively easy recipe to develop, style and shoot in regards with what followed the day after and I had such fun creating it.
All I needed was black-eyed beans and although in my country we produce plenty, I have chosen Peruvian ones, easily sold in supermarkets or food markets around the world. Of course if you are having the chance to choose between those and the Cypriot or Greek ones then I would strongly suggest to go for the second choice. Couscous is again a super food that is trending a lot the last few years mainly for its nutrition and healthy benefits while smoke-cured herring is a ready-made fish easily found in delicatessens and big supermarkets. These are the main ingredients needed for this recipe.

Recipe development and food styling is not as easy as they look in the photos. They demand time, lots of research, inspiration and search. Time to study inspirational blogs, cook books, inspirational chefs and cooks. Then is the research of all the above and their inspirations and experience. And finely – this is the hardest part when you live in countries like Cyprus where food styling is nothing but an idea – is the search. The search of mockery, accessories, plates, chopping boards and all those other accessories that will set the perfect scenery for the perfect photo that leads to perfect story telling!

black-eyed beans recipe

Black-eyed beans recipe

The story behind this shoot was to create the perfect photo for only one photo. Meaning, shooting about 400 photos for a single page in my book. Before the shooting, the previous day, I have shopped all the ingredients I needed and during the night I have prepared all the necessary accessories for the shooting. 

black-eyed beans recipe black eyed beans