Fig salad with caramelised oranges & blue cheese | Cookbook recipe

Ok. I am back in action!! With a new post, a new blog – oh yeah and I love it and hope you’ll love it too – and a new photography site,!!! I know it’s been a while to upload new posts, but I guess being human life has many turns that you can’t program or anticipate. Regardless that and somewhere between this new blog, new site and my photography competitions came the idea of my first cookbook called, Meraki – Cook it with Passion. The idea of a my cookbook was always there, lying at the back of my head before I even start my first blog, but to make it a reality was soon after I end up a semi finalist at the pinkladyfoodphotographycompetition2016. It was then, when I realised that been a recipe developer, a food stylist and a food photographer is no longer a hobby but a job. A serious, professional job!!! In this new blog you see this new category called, my cookbook and this is the category that you will get sneak peaks at the dishes that will be included in the book, but – and sorry for this guys – without the recipes. You will see plenty of photos and behind the scenes stories that will host you to the magical world of how to create a cookbook and it’s contents. I really hope you will enjoy this ride with me and that I will intrigue your imagination and taste with my photos and stories. Today I am sharing with you one of my most favourite salad the fig salad with blue cheese and I promise you it won’t be long until you will get that recipe.