Finger Food Ideas for a Deluxe Christmas Day Soirée | A festive & luxury early afternoon for friends & family |

The word Deluxe on its own, it makes you instantly think of expensive and unaffordable products, since Deluxe is a word synonymous to luxury & quality.
But when time came to discover the word Deluxe in my world, a world of quality food and styling, I came across a pleasant surprise; affordable quality products synonymous to style and luxury, products that can fit in any house at any given moment on this festive time of Christmas.





It was a few day ago, when an early afternoon we decided to hang out for a Christmas coffee, with all the gang and catch up with the latest gossip of what’s going on around us. Although my days were hectic due to the Christmas preparations, I found the time to squeeze that coffee in my program. It was a nice afternoon, cold but sunny and we met at the coffee store of our neighbourhood. We soon started with loughs and loud talking – like Greeks do – and there was an excitement in the air for finally meeting. Everybody was saying stories, from the US elections to the X-Factor final or the latest gossip about who dated and divorce and everything was running smoothly and relaxing, when out of the blue came the idea that, they should gather in my house afterwards to taste my traditional Christmas delicacies and recipes, check out my unique handmade Christmas decorations and listen some real Jazz music on my turntables!!!

What????? taste my Christmas delicacies and recipes? What delicacies? What recipes? What food styling exactly? My life in the last 15 days was hectic, running between photoshoots, constantly uploading at the blog, shopping and decorating, waking up at 6:00am and going to bed before 10pm!! So what Christmas goodies I would have prepared only in a few hours? The only thing that was proper in the house was indeed the Christmas decorations.  My panic – since I am nothing but a perfectionist – must have been really obvious, when my best friend who knows me for years, asked me what’s wrong and when I explained to her, she laughed and told me; “just go to a Lidl store and check their latest DELUXE Christmas products. and you will see what I mean”




And so I did. I cross kissed my bestie and rushed from the café, before all of them and along with my daughter we drove to the nearest Lidl store, only 1.6km drive from our home in Eggomi. I parked the car in the spacy parking area outside, picked one of those huge trolleys and run in the store to come in front of an enormous and pleasant surprise!! From the moment I have enter the store I felt different. A sudden feeling of nostalgia back then, when I was actually living in London it came as a Déjà vu in my head and soul. The way the shelters were arranged, the smell of the freshly baked bread, the vegetables and fruits area all sorted in carton boxes, and endless rows of fridges packed with products. And then I came across the DELUXE products fridge just to become even more thrilled; There was lying, endless possibilities of creating a finger menu soirée; goose pates, pork pates, foie gras, collection of soft and hard cheese, parmesan, stilton, cream cheeses, ham and salami, smoked salmon fillets, frozen whole ducks and gooses, phylo pastries, sweets like profiteroles and tiramisu, chestnut spoon sweets, packets of ready-made finger food in boxes, little plastic boxes of fresh mozzarellas, and little glass jars filled with caviar and so many other things that could complement a different Christmas table every single night!! In record time my trolley was packed up to the sky! First layer all those DELUXE collections of the cold products, on top of them the FAVORINA & DELUXE sweets including everything from Greek Christmas favorites like Melomakarona and Kourambiedes to Italian panettone sweets, even an instant maker of fondue including the chocolate and then another layer of freshly baked bread, local fruits and greens, wines and Champagnes!!

deluxechristmastablefingermenu10 deluxechristmastablefingermenu8



When we came to the tilt, both me and my daughter we were super excited, like we had a strong dose of adrenaline somehow and when it was time to pay my excitement doubled, since I was expecting to pay at least twice the amount! We placed our 20 bags full of Lidl Deluxe products in the car and drove back home where I had to prepare all those amazing things my mind created while I was shopping them. My cheese and meat platters, pates on French baguettes, strawberries soaked into melted chocolate, vol-au-van pastries filled with spicy, cinnamon duck breasts and smoked salmon on cream cheese served with dill and caviar. Rushing back home and in less than 3 hours the super luxurious finger food menu Christmas table, was ready to welcome my friends.


deluxechristmastablefingermenu23 deluxechristmastablefingermenu22 deluxechristmastablefingermenu25

The afternoon turned into a beautiful night full of laughters, happiness and unbelievably surprising comments for all what I managed to do and create in less than 3 hours and just when I was receiving all those compliments my best friend winked at me with a meaningful look of conspiracy, feeling proud of herself for contributing in her own way for this night. “Lidl DELUXE products my dear!” she whispered in my ear and we cheered to that, with a glass of Champagne, Comte de Brismand…