Gift Wrap from me to you for Christmas | With amazing sweets from a unique Deluxe collection



When I was a child every afternoon we were gathering from house to house with my friends and we used to play various games pretending that we were living in the world of the grownups. One of the games we used to play, was the “store owner” where I used to own a store (yes – no joke) were we gathered in my family’s garage to create a “popup mini super-store” that “sell” anything from toys to my mom’s clothes and heels, house accessories and kitchen-ware, vinyl records and books that we secretly sneaked from my house and magically transformed the garage into that mini super store!! Clothes were hanging on the hungers in one side of the garage – the boutique section, the kitchen-ware were sorted on top of carton boxes according to height and style, cushions were thrown around and old little rustic furniture were completing the home department with the books and vinyl records, while behind my offhand counter made with bricks and a piece of long rustic wood, were the empty boxes we have picked from the neighborhood’s store, used as the gift packaging. And along all those “sales” was also the magic moments of gift wrap, where I was using all sort of ways to wrap my “customers’ gifts; from post office’s brown papers to white parchment papers with various accessories from strings and ribbons to flowers from our garden and dry fruits!

Gift wrap is something that gives you either immense satisfaction when you do it, or something you dislike deeply. Nothing in between. Personally, being that person that adores creation in any form, gift wrapping would be no exception, even in the grownups world! I love gift wrapping and every time I have a chance to do it I do it, but when Christmas come I do it even more majestically. Gift wrapping needs plenty of imagination and a few skills. Imagination helps in reducing the costs and styling these small boxes full of surprises. Gift wrapping can be anything from a few leftovers from the Christmas tree to dry fruits and fresh or dry flowers. Dried slices of oranges, sticks of cinnamon, small pines and sticks of fir tree, natural strings, matt white or brown paper, and anything your imagination can conceive that works between them will make a gift looking even more appealing.

Today we have gathered with my small family, that is my daughter of course and some friends and along with all those goodies and sweets from LIDL store, including home-made style Greek “kourambiedes” by the DELUXE collection and Sweets by the FAVORINA products  like caramelized nuts and chocolate sweets, we have started a series of gift wrapping for my associates and friends.




In this gift wrap idea you will need the following:

  • Post office brown paper wrap
  • Natural string
  • Lots of love
  • Scissors
  • Dried slices of oranges
  • Dried small oranges
  • Lots of patience
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Silicone glue
  • Small pines
  • Pieces of natural fir tree
  • Tape

First we knew what we wanted to create, then we picked all the accessories and tools we needed, and once we were ready, we have gathered around our big table with our sweets from Lidl store and cups of hot chocolates and we placed all the gifts and accessories spread here and there and then each one of us had a task; one of us made the wrapping, one of us created the bouquets with cinnamon, oranges and fir or what ever the inspiration of the moment was, and one of us assembled the gifts. I do hope that you will also get inspired and along with the deluxe sweets and homemade hot chocolate, you will give it a go and most of all you will enjoy my gift wrap ideas from me to you for Christmas.






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