That word is meraki. This is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe what happens when you leave a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, or love) in your work. When you love doing something, anything, so much that you put something of yourself into it.

 No matter if is Greek, Cypriot, Italian or French recipe, it all comes down to a cookbook at the end of the day, made with endless passion, choosing  the most natural and pure ingredients, discovering and proposing the secrets of the Mediterranean healthy eating,  adopting an Artisan approach in cooking where possible and of course made with lots of Meraki..!!

I always remember my self writing a diary as I always remember my self eating and I still do both with the same passion in different places and different types either in writing or in food. Being Greek, food is nothing but part of our culture and an extension of our personality that is why we use food to express all our emotions and feelings. In my country we use food to express our self but most of all to express how we feel, for us food is the way to say “I am sorry” the way to say “welcome” the way to say “I am happy”.

And the way to say “I love you”.

We use traditional food in weddings and big celebrations to express to our guests how special they are to us and how happy we are on that day. Souvla, kleftiko, patates tou fournou, makaronia pastitsio aree some of our favorite traditionals… We use food in Festive holidays like Christmas and Easter with special pork, soups and lamb to gather broader members of our families and in laws and bring them together… And we use food those endless summer nights to gather by the sea and talk or sing or love…And then are the simplest versions, like Souvlakia Kai patates tiganites for small family gatherings, of Sunday specials to be together for another one more time or to express a silent family apology of the silly argument we had a few hours earlier…

And between this and that we have the everyday “simplest” plates of louvia and fish, keftedes and txstziki, halloumi and endless salads and so so so many more endless plates of pure simple Mediterranean fresh ingredients from our fields, our trees and our endless blue seas to our plates ….

In my whole life I was among aromas, flavors and tastes from my grandma’s kitchen to my mom’s kitchen and now to my own kingdom cooking, styling and developing  what I learnt to love over the years and with this book I hope to intrigue you to do the same even to the slightest.

This book is the first one of a series to follow that will praise food in the best possible way and although I share my time between Greece and Cyprus I am gonna be starting from my country with a personal diary of a sixty days journey so come along and enjoy lots of food, recipes, photos and styling!