Roast chicken with lemon & herbs |A Summer Sunday proposal

The truth is that I don’t consider my self a chicken lover – although I love hunting –  and we don’t get to cook chicken often but once we do it has to be with the best way possible and the best way possible is with lots of colors and flavors.

A free-range chicken is the best alternative you should go for, since the taste is so much better and sweeter although the meat as such, might be a bit harder but it sure worth in choosing the one. What is also very important with chicken is that you should cook it really well since there is always the fear of “salmonella” – that’s food poisoning from raw white meat –  and you should be cooked chicken for at least 45 minutes and a minimum of 165F /74C. in my case though I always roast chicken for 2 ½  hours and 185F.

How do I do this without burning or absolutely dry my chicken and instead I get a well-cooked chicken soft, tender and juicy? I simply cover my roasting rack with (thick) foil and keep it cover for as long as the roasting procedure takes place and then 15 minutes before I take it out from the oven I remove the foil and leave the chicken to caramelised on top and around and then is ready to be served.  In my country Cyprus, we have issues  in regards with serving meat red or white and cheese issues are called, potatoes and salad. And this how this post is proposed – with fried potatoes and a delicious Greek salad made with organic tomatoes, organic cucumbers and organic spring little onions, a bunch of fresh oregano and a tone of feta cheese and olive oil.

In regards with the chicken I really have picked up all the ingredients from my verandah, the lemons, the fresh oregano from my pots, fresh thyme and –ok I had those already – my garlic.. (!!!)




1 whole free- range chicken cut in pieces
Fresh oregano or any other herbs you like
2 lemons, peeled and cut in pieces
Himalayan salt
Dry minced garlic
8 whole garlic gloves unpeeled and broken
1 cup of pure olive oil
150cl of white wine
2 cups of bottled water

Pre-heat oven at 200c
Wash the chicken and dry with kitchen paper. Season with salt and garlic and place it in the baking rack.
Spread the garlic and pieces of lemon around the chicken
Pour the oil, wine and water in the rack on top of the chicken.
Place the herbs on top and cover the baking rack with foil
Place the chicken in the oven and cook for 2-2 ½ hours at 180c.
The last ten minutes remove the foil so as the chicken is canalized.


Serve the roast chicken with roast or fried potatoes or with jasmine aromatic rice and Greek yogurt.
A Greek salad with ripe red organic tomatoes, spring onions, cucumber, plenty of feta cheese and olive oil is a must for this combination of food.