A summer to remember | Athens, August 2017 | Lagonisi Grand Resort

Athena’s diary, Thursday, 17th August 2017

This is my first post on travelling, although I have made hundreds of journeys around the world and mainly in Europe. Here I have a confession to make, I am afraid of travelling and each time, for a few nights before I am a bit anxious. Still I am travelling, since I wouldn’t like to spend my entire life in a “cage”, whatever that is. I am not sure if is the fear of planes, or the fear of the unknown, or perhaps the unsettlement from my cosy sofa, commonly known as ‘comfort zone’ and every time I have tried to put my hand on it, I have failed to identify it.

Still once I do it, I feel free and alive, ready to live the excitement of the change, taste new food, see new places and create memories.

The last five years, although I wanted to call myself a photographer, I never used my camera when I travelled. Instagram and iPhone were doing all the job without the extra trouble of currying a camera, changing lens, shooting, post processing and adding them to the social or the blog. And although the last 2 years I have been carrying my Nikon with me, it stayed packed, sound and safe, until my return home.

This time though {and from now on} I used my camera and I have captured the memories in high resolution. I didn’t understand what was the difference, until I opened my photos in my huge apple screen, only to see the same colours as I have lived them and enjoy them. The photos smelled and tasted the same, since they were so clear and so real. Every time I looked them I have relived the moments over and over and although it was short holidays I could say they will remain memorable and noted as amongst the best holidays of my life.