A Greek salad without a twist | A salad that goes with everything

Red ripe tomatoes, fresh mountain oregano leafs, pure Greek olive oil and the queen of taste, feta cheese are the bold flavors and super fresh ingredients that will rock you to the sky with the simplest salad. Greeks are very well known and proud for their food and the boldness in their tastes. From their super famous “rich” and full of nutritious benefits Greek olive oil to their olives, spices, vegetables and meat tastes they are all there to take you to a world full of gastronomical surprises.


The original Greek salad is made with ripe tomatoes peeled, cucumbers, and onion cut in washers, Kalamata, the most famous region in Greece that produces pure olive oil, olives and dry oregano, but in this salad I used slightly different ingredients. I have avoided cucumber entirely while I have used chives instead of onion and fresh mountain oregano instead of dry and a touch of baby basil both green and black for that extra fresh and alive taste and flavor.


Greek salad is part of the Greeks and our food culture like an extension of our body or soul. It goes with everything. Its served with any food and in each and every place in the house, in restaurants at the islands in the mountains just simply with everything and everywhere. A major part of it is the two basic ingredients Greek’s can’t live with out and produce with tones, that magically tasty – but not as wondrous for your health – feta cheese and that incredible and amazing health benefits olive oil.

Today when I produce that Greek salad, since it was Sunday I have also had this traditional “psito” – oven baked roast – chicken and potatoes and I promise that one of my following posts will be all about it. Kali orexi’….


Level of difficulty: 1/5

Serves: 2

Estimated time in the kitchen: 15minutes

Calories: 370-490c per portion

Cost: €10

**Please note that cost applies for Cyprus only

1 packet of pure Greek Fetta cheese (about 200g)
4 Medium size ripe red tomatoes – preferably bio
Baby basil (black and green)
Fresh oregano leafs
¼ of a cup “Kalamata” olive oil
A small bunch of finely chopped Chives

40ml of Pure Kalamata Greek olive

30 ml of plain vinegar or the juice of 2 freshly squeezed lemons 

A generous pinch of dry oregano


Blend together and stir or shake well and then top the salad

Wash the tomatoes, dry with kitchen paper and cut in 4 pieces – half way

Put them in a white big bowl and sprinkle around the baby basil

Cut the feta cheese into 4-6 chunky pieces and put on top of the tomatoes.

Put more baby basil and the fresh oregano leafs.

With a scissors finely chop and spread around the chives.

Season with salt (very little since feta is already salted – although personally I wash it as soon as I take it from the box)

Pour about ¼ of a cup pour olive oil from top.


Eat this amazing salad on her own or with any type of food you wish.

if you want to save lots of calories simply remove the feta cheese or use 1/2 the olive oil

Feta cheese is a salty cheese so is best you avoid salt.

Pinch some black pepper for that extra taste!