Time for a change? Welcome Spring in your life and transform your Bedroom, with 5 Easy & Inexpensive steps


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Ok, I am back! And SUPER excited, since I really got the chance to rest, eat, drink read watch and listen without any stress, any have to’s and must do’s, anything at all that distructed me or put a pressure on me. And while I was doing that, I realised that I would like to reboot, from my mini {Easter} break, with some changes in my life and work, which among others, it includes a totally new category in the blog; Design!

And although I might sound too cliché, {c’mon guys, let’s not kid ourselves} we all know, that when Seasons  changes, they also carry the fresh air of moderate transformation, that we all seek in our everyday life and routine, from the way we behave & dress to the way we eat and live. And if we are not amongst the lucky ones, who happen to fall in-love, while the season change and everything changes with the magic wand of love, then, we take the lead and make the transformation ourselves!

Having a mini break, on mid April for Easter, I soon discovered that going back to work, meant welcoming summer too in my life. {since in Cyprus we have skipped Autumn & Spring, due to the fact that we lay between Africa & Asia, although we are Europeans} And also that, I didn’t manage to fall in love, but instaed, I fall in trap and I embraced the urge of changing, for many aspects of my life, starting from my blog’s appearance {even including a whole new category in it} to my everyday diet {& unexistant exercise}, even my looks and… my bedroom!

Since I have been desperately longing for a change in the house, for sometime now, I have decided to start with my bedroom and as soon as you see the before and after photos, you will understand why I chose my bedroom to be the kickstart of my house transformations. Knowing that I would embrace more changes in the house, I have tried to maintain a reasonable budget, kept it as simple and as inexpensive as possible and find amazing little furniture and accessories that would give me the desirable outcome with the less money, so I  followed 5 simple steps to achieve it and I will try to help you do the same.


The number one ‘rule’ when it comes to decoration or redecoration, is to paint the walls, choosing your desirable colours, where all your theme will be based on. As greys, are my cup of cake and are timeless and all-time classic, I have chosen 3 grey hues from Dulux, paints, like Misty Sky, Denim Drift and Vast Lake and I have applied them, next to each other, in a generous part of the wall, near the window, in order to decide which one I would like to use. When they dried, I have chosen the one I really liked for the room and I have painted the walls with two coatings. Where the wall was humid, we have scratch it and  applied undercoat, from the day before, and let it dry for 24 hours.

I decided to add a chandelier in the room for a classy and posh look. And although chandeliers cost, I have chosen a relatively, low budget one, for €450 and added ‘cups’ on the lamps for an extra €20 and an extra touch in the whole appearance. I could have gone for a cheaper one too, but I wanted a ‘rich’ one, so I chose one with 16 lamps and brass hues.

The whole appearance of the bedroom was uplifted by the linen and cusions. Not all the linen have been changed, since I love, my all-white ‘silk-feeling’ sheets, that I have bought ‘ages’ ago from London, but I have bought two, new, feather-filled cushions, 50x50cm & four, 60x60cm, a couple 30x30cm and two rectangle ones, all from ZARA HOME, and dressed them with white cushion covers, and some white with rose stripes and motives. These were a bit costly, but it was the touch that uplifted the whole appearance.

CARPETS: An important aspect of redecorating a room is carpets and small furniture. Go for the cheap options, don’t over-invest in carpets, since carpets, are something that you can get bored very easy and gets dirty quick.
SMALL FURNITURE: Can be anything from, baskets, to little side tables or natural wood, stools & chairs. Personally, I love the little furniture of ZARA HOME & ANTHROPOLOGIE and I use them a lot in many parts of the house, since are cheap, time-resistant and I don’t get bored with them, very easy!

The final touch in the bedroom, and in any room in general, are the throws. Although the season is ‘summerish’ I kept my ‘winter’ version of my throws, a ‘faux – fur throw’ and a pink wool ‘blanket – throw’ and I have bought an all-white linen & lace cover, for the bed.